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Welcome to Stamped

StampEd Approacheth

The countdown to StampEd’s launch has begun! We are now at T-minus one month (give or take a few days) until StampEd’s first issue is published in February.

As we approach the publication date, we’ll be sharing some sneak peeks of the first issue, which will start off strong with featured guests and articles that will make you think, laugh, get inspired, and learn something new.

We also finally have our very own digital footprint. We are excited to announce that StampEd is now a presence on several major social media platforms (find us @StampEdPub on Facebook, Instagram, X, and Tumblr).

how can you help?

The most effective form of marketing is word of mouth. Spread the word – encourage your friends and family to sign up for updates. When the first issue comes out in February, pass it along to others, your friends, family, and people you see on the streets or at the club. As we build towards our launch, talk about the magazine on social media. Every little bit helps.

We have also launched a grassroots fundraising campaign to raise money for StampEd. The goal is to make the magazine sustainable and help it grow for at least the first two years, so it can continue to be free for everyone to read. If you believe in this project and in StampEd’s mission, please consider donating. Plus, donors at certain levels will receive exclusive StampEd thank-you gifts! And right now, for a limited time (and thanks to the generosity of APS member Brian Birch), donations to the campaign up to a total of $2500 will be matched!

The APS editorial team is looking for one-time and long-term authors and columnists for StampEd. If you have a fun idea or want to contribute in other ways, please reach out to Editor-in-Chief Susanna Mills.