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  • The Gallery – Tonia Jillings (Full Interview)

    The Gallery – Tonia Jillings (Full Interview)

    Tonia Jillings, Postage Stamp Artist *Published Winter 2024 On her inspirations I have always enjoyed being creative. I received a BA Hons in Design Craft, and worked within an art department supporting students. My stamp interest started back in 2014 when my family saw me saving some beautiful Hong Kong bird stamps off of packaging that was…

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  • Michael’s Stamps – Free Stamp Collecting Starter Kits (Full Article)

    Michael’s Stamps – Free Stamp Collecting Starter Kits (Full Article)

    By Michael Lynn *Published Winter 2024 I was recently asked what I thought one could do to help the hobby of stamp collecting to grow. I was happy to answer this question as I have been working on a project to support new collectors for the past year: Michael’s Stamps – Free Stamp Collecting Starter…

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  • Duck Stamp Hero (Full Interview with Kira Sabin)

    Duck Stamp Hero (Full Interview with Kira Sabin)

    “I want to make the Federal Duck Stamp Contest more accessible.” Meet Kira Sabin, who is introducing TikTok to the world of duck stamps.

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  • Screentime – Lisa Berthin, StampCat Stamps (Full Interview)

    Screentime – Lisa Berthin, StampCat Stamps (Full Interview)

    *Published Winter 2024 A self-professed beginner collector, Lisa Berthin (StampCat Stamps on YouTube) has made 50 Youtube videos since 2021 with 1.3 thousand followers. You can find her practicing #xtremephilately – bringing stamps out into the “real world,” and sharing the vibrant stories behind the designs on the stamps themselves. How would you describe yourself…

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  • Get ready for StampEd

    Get ready for StampEd

    The first issue of StampEd will be published on Monday, February 19! Thank you to everyone who’s spreading the word, getting involved, and donating to our fundraiser — we can’t thank you enough for your support, and we can’t wait to share the magazine with you. Speaking of the fundraiser, Support StampEd is now almost…

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  • Stamp Spotlight: The Sims

    Stamp Spotlight: The Sims

    Les Sims • FR 3155j In the fall of 2005, France issued a souvenir sheet that likely fills the hardcore gamers of today with fuzzy feelings of nostalgia: Héros des jeux vidéo, or Heroes of Video Games. Included in this souvenir sheet were stamps honoring characters from the game franchises Zelda, Mario, Adibou, Pac-Man, Prince…

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  • Weird Little guys

    Weird Little guys

    My favorite genre of artwork is “weird little guy.” Creatures with funny faces, anthropomorphized trinkets, jolly animals with Beatrix Potter-esque outfits… and there’s no better place to find these weird little guys than on Victorian postcards. This Halloween postcard from 1908 gets it just right. Of course a pumpkin creature would chauffeur a witch and…

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  • Stamp Spotlight: Hunt’s Remedy

    Stamp Spotlight: Hunt’s Remedy

    Hunt’s Remedy • RS56 We’ve got something a little different for you this week: a revenue stamp! And what a revenue stamp this is. Used to indicate tax paid on patent medicine (aka a bottle of utter quackery) a central design of “a man wrestling with death, who he is about to strike with a…

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  • Cheesy Facts

    Cheesy Facts

    I saw the funniest post online (on Tumblr, to be precise) the other day that I think you would appreciate. This guy realized that it was possible to mail Kraft singles as first-class mail. Literally just slapped an address on the plastic with a regular Forever stamp. He reports “Cheese is so far a hit…

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  • Welcome to Stamped

    Welcome to Stamped

    StampEd Approacheth The countdown to StampEd’s launch has begun! We are now at T-minus one month (give or take a few days) until StampEd’s first issue is published in February. As we approach the publication date, we’ll be sharing some sneak peeks of the first issue, which will start off strong with featured guests and…

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