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Cheesy Facts

I saw the funniest post online (on Tumblr, to be precise) the other day that I think you would appreciate. This guy realized that it was possible to mail Kraft singles as first-class mail. Literally just slapped an address on the plastic with a regular Forever stamp.

He reports “Cheese is so far a hit with everyone and has arrived safely at multiple houses…” However evidence shows that multiple Kraft singles required special handling, and arrived to their destinations in a USPS Damaged Mail bag. This isn’t surprising – First Class mail is supposed to be machinable – meaning, a regular envelope shape and weight (and, presumably, texture). Had the poster used a non-machineable stamp (which costs slightly more, yes), then he would have ensured that the slices were handled outside of the usual mail stream – which, let’s be real, they had to have been anyway. A cheese slice is simply too floppy and meltable.

“I was worried we were gonna ruin the postal services’ day so this made us very happy.”

At this point I’m going to make a full disclaimer that I can’t officially recommend that you mail a slice of cheese. If you think the USPS workers in your area have a sense of humor and aren’t atrociously busy, then maybe. But if you do, consider posting it using a non-machineable stamp, perfect for, ahem, “letters” that are irregular in size or shape, too thick, or have unusual contents.

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