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Get ready for StampEd

The first issue of StampEd will be published on Monday, February 19!

Thank you to everyone who’s spreading the word, getting involved, and donating to our fundraiser — we can’t thank you enough for your support, and we can’t wait to share the magazine with you.

Speaking of the fundraiser, Support StampEd is now almost halfway to our goal, at $12,800! The fundraiser will continue to run through the end of February, so if you want to see what we’ve been working on before you donate, you’ll have a short time after the magazine launches to show your support for StampEd and secure your special thank you gifts.

StampEd Inaugural cover

Designed by our very own Chad Cowder (APS’ graphic communications specialist), the inaugural cover of StampEd features scientific illustrations of six species of duck, including two types of shelduck, a mallard (or wild duck), a white-faced whistling duck, a common eider, and a wood duck. If you guessed that this means that our feature article centers around Duck Stamps and the Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest – you’d be right!

StampEd’s Starting Lineup


  • Inheriting Large Lizards: A Beginner’s Journey, Still in Process by Sarah Giavedoni of ArmchairPhilately.com
  • Michael’s Stamps – Free Stamp Collecting Starter Kits by Michael Lynn
  • “Screentime,” a column about our great online creators, featuring Lisa Berthin of StampCat Stamps
  • “Out and About,” a column about getting connected to the wider community, by John Hotchner
  • “Make it Stick,” a column encouraging youth collecting, by Jessica Manack
  • “The Feed,” a space for readers to write in, share cool resources, get excited about new stamps and more


  • Duck Stamp Hero, an interview with Kira Sabin
  • Heat of the Moment: Thermochromic Ink in Stamp Design, by Christina Tang-Bernas
  • “The Gallery,” a column celebrating stamp art, featuring Tonia Jillings
  • “The Topical Collector,” a column about topical collecting


  • Countering Counterfeits, by Nora Bryson
  • “Stamp Apprentice,” a basics advice column by James Taylor
  • “Stamp Trek,” a column about collecting around the world, by Tony Bard and the Korea Stamp Society

what’s next?

Once StampEd is launched, please read and share the first issue with everyone you know! As we hear from you and other readers, we’ll be able to start developing future issues to reflect you and your interests, your needs as stamp collectors, and the StampEd community as a whole. We’ll also be able to expand StampEd to be much more than just a magazine, including videos, educational opportunities, and – most importantly – a vibrant community.

We can’t do it without you!